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BookVendor.net is dedicated to promoting e-books written to help ordinary people apply best practices in their personal and professional lives, and achieve greatness, regardless of their social, academic, or financial background.


These books will generally be focused on personal development topics, or business best practices and tools that can be used by businesses of all sizes and budgets.


We try to provide practical, sensible tips, ideas, and tools that can be immediately applied to your life or business.

You won’t have to invest in consultants, equipment, or expensive training courses to implement the concepts and resources discussed in these e-books.

The e-books sold through BookVendor.net are not fancy or sophisticated.  They are written as how-to books that can be used as reference guides. You can also read the entire books in a few hours if you prefer.

We hope you enjoy reading these books and find that the information in them is useful to your personal and business needs!

All of the products on BookVendor.net are paid for and downloaded from www.clickbank.com, so there is no risk to you in providing personal information or using your credit card.